Shahrooz FarahmandShahrooz Farahmand

Project Description

An unbelievable experience with Hossein Alizadeh – one of the most important figures in contemporary Persian music – and a great band with different traditional instruments.. Where every soul can be upgraded!

Band:  ‎‎‎Alireza Ghorbani‎, ‎Hossein Alizadeh, ‎Siamak Jahangiri, Ali Boustan‎,  Reza Samani, Behnam Samani, Pejman Haddadi and Saba Alizadeh

About Hossein Alizadeh

Hossein Alizadeh (Tehran-1950) is considered one of the most important figures in contemporary Persian music. He comes from a traditional training. He learned the Radif of Persian classical music with various masters of the tradition including PortraitHoushang Zarif, Ali Akbar Shahnazi, NurAli Borumand, Mahmood Karimi, Abdollah Davami, Yousef Foroutan, and Saied Hormozi and later recorded the entire body of the Radif based on the interpretation of Mirza Abdullah for Tar and Setar. He also received a BA in Music Composition and Performance from the University of Tehran and later studied Composition and Musicology at the University of Berlin. He has taught at the University of Tehran and the Tehran Music Conservatory.


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