Shahrooz FarahmandShahrooz Farahmand


A person who love Computer stuffs, Basketball, Travel, Photography and much more…

This guy has started his career around 20 years ago as an instructor in a famous computer institute in Tehran. His first class was “Animator Pro“!

He is working on web based solutions such as web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), UI/UX design and IT Project Management since 1996 when the only tools for web design was NOTEPAD!

Besides of all IT stuffs, “Marketing” is the main field he is extremely passionate about such as market planning and strategy, Social media marketing and advertisement.

Shahrooz is helping businesses to stablish and grow with the combination of fresh ideas in Web solutions and Marketing along with two decade rich experience.

Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)

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about Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)

At a glance...

→ Helping Business Startup from Idea to Result
→ Marketing Consultancy including Branding, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Market Analysis, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Creative Design for SMB’s
→ SEO and SEM expert
→ UX and UI expert
→ IT Project Management
→ Web Design and Development
→ Portait, Glamour, Product, Editorial Photography
→ Author of 7 books in IT, Project Management with Several Marketing articles

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Marketing 3.0, Guerrilla Marketing, Thought Leadership, Professional SE friendly link building, Landing page, Go Viral, Branding, Effective Time Management, Change Management, Customer psychology, Email Marketing, CMS, WordPress is the best!, ROI, KPI, Channels, Engagement strategy (Why, What, How), Creative Content Writing, Material Design, AdWords, A/B testing, FMCG, Copywriting, Lead Generation and Nurturing, PPC Campaigns, SWOT, TOWS, Risk Management, 5 Forces, 7P’s, 4P’s, x’Ps, Analytics, o.O

UI/UX design

Web design



Note: Nothing in the world is 100% perfect!

How I work...

My side

Your side

Define the idea


Tell me the story, what you want and what is your expectations.

Think and Talk

I will think with you, we have a chit chat here and talk about various topics and aspects of your needs.

Give me some time!

Now its time to think alone, list all possibilities, find out all the useful features with the best possible solution to fulfil your needs.

Share & Modify

I will Share my ideas with you and you can alter them to meet your expectations.

Implementation phase


Polish, Perform, Present. I will polish all thoughts and make the things happen. Now, it’s showtime!

Last touch!

Everything is ready now. Just need the final touch to be published. You have some time to go through and tell me if there is any minor modification on the project.

Launch and Support

Launching the Project

The project is up and run and we are both happy. We are friends now and I will support you on your project(s) as long as you want!

Make me happy!

You are happy with my services and introduce me to your channels! I’m very happy now 😀

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Passion of Photography

I just started my shooting with a 4MP Olympus around 12 years ago. 4 years later, a Nikon coolpix P90 has been added to my gears. After 3 years, I bough my first DSLR,  an entry level Canon 600D with 3 lenses, 18-55mm, 55-250mm and 50mm prime for portrait. And now, a full frame Canon 6D is the king of my gears.

Rottemeren, Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Keukenhof Flower Garden / Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Keukenhof Flower Garden
Ebi Concert
Circus of Horrors / Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Horror Circus
Model: Raphaelle / Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Salvation Project / Photographer: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Salvation Project
Dayenne / Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Gipsy Style Photoshoot
Hossein Alizadeh / Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Hossein Alizadeh Concert
Mohsen Namjoo / Photo: Shahrooz Farahmand (Mohammad)
Mohsen Namjoo Concert

Mind leaks!


LinkedIn is the best place yet to have a full CV. However, here is a brief history…

  • Around 20 years experience in lecturing of various topics in IT, Computer science and Marketing in universities and institutes

  • “Patent pending” idea in USPTO

  • Golden web award 2004 in content, design and creativity, The International Association of Webmasters and Designers (IAWMD)

  • Master of computer science 

  • SEO, SEM and SMM specialist 

  • Managing of 50+ big and small IT projects

  • 100+ Web site design and development 

Author of...


Academic Articles


Web Design, Graphic Design, Advertising, Business Development, Training, Project Management, Research, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Communications, Market Research, Team Building, Analysis, Marketing, Public Relations, Teaching, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Event Management, Programming, Blogging, Web Development, Leadership, Presentation Coaching, HTML, Management, Team Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Coaching, Business Planning, Idea Generation, Ideas Development, Strategy, Email Marketing, Project Planning, Microsoft Office, E-commerce, Online Marketing, Competitive Analysis, Team Management, CRM, SEO, Start-ups, New Business Development, Business Analysis, Online Advertising, Marketing Management, Market Analysis, Data Analysis


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Verse ManagementVerse Management from Verse Series

More than 170 general managerial tips and tricks categorized in 3 different categories suitable for daily use of any manager despite of level, organization and education.

The content of the app is my 7th book called “I am a Manager” which I’ve authored years ago and now its the updated version with a new name of “Verse Management” comes from a series of small apps in Verse series. Actually, I’ve decided to develop a tiny app instead of hard printing because of many reasons such as NOT wasting precious paper and use digital material instead. Also, almost my entire target market are using smart phones with Android OS and its much easier for them to have this book with themselves all the time.

BTW, the current version is developed in Persian language and English ver. will be published soon!


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